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Title: Flash Forward 1/16
Fandom: SGA (fused into the Flash Forward Universe)
Pairing: John/Rodney
Disclaimer: If it were mine, there would be no Keller.
Warnings: au, angst, romance
Rating: R (mostly for Rodney's foul mouth)
Spoilers: None I can think of
Beta: [ profile] koryou and [ profile] zannabq you are the best *huggs* Edit: also the wonderful [ profile] rissabby offert beta services *bows thankfully*
Wordcount: 1847
A/N: This is an AU. I took SGA changed it a bit and settled it into the Flash Forward Universe. You do not need to know Flash Forward to enjoy this story.

Summary: On October 6th, the whole world blacked out for three minutes and seventeen seconds.
Some people claim they saw the future.

Rodney’s hands were shaking; the disturbing noises of the fight creeping closer and closer. And it didn’t help that the countdown on display before him reached a threatening level. Only a few seconds left before the point of no return.

“Sheppard, do you copy?” Once again only static answered him. Rodney felt nauseous, he knew on an intellectual level that he had to start the jumper soon, but he couldn’t bring himself to really believe that he had to do it. “Fuck, John!” he swore.

A few nanoseconds later he heard the Colonel run into the Jumper yelling, “McKay, get us out of here!” Rodney slammed his hand onto the control closing hatch.

The jumper screen showed that several impacts by energy weapons hit the shields, but none of them was of threatening level. “We're on our way, Colonel!” Rodney replied. He concentrated his thoughts, asking the Jumper to start and fly out of this hellhole. He accelerated as much as possible. While the hits by the energy beams decreased – thanks to the cloaking device – it was imminently clear that the enemy was about to close their hangar and trap them inside.

“Faster, McKay!”

“You don’t need to remind me!” Rodney grumbled. “I’m going as fast as the ship can! But be my guest and take over if you think your stupid gene will get more out of the engine!” Not that Sheppard would do it. Even with the fast reaction of the Jumpers it would cost a second or so if they switched the controls now. A second they might not have. And with this thought they escaped through the closing airlock.

“Wow that was good. Now get us away from here. The bomb’s gonna explode in 20 seconds.”

“So everything went fine with placing the bomb?” Rodney asked over his shoulder. He gave Sheppard a once over to make sure he wasn’t injured. His handsome features were overshadowed by the stress of the mission, there was some blood on his cheek and his hair was in even greater disarray than normal, but otherwise he seemed to be alright.

“If you could call it fine that I ran into three of the fuckers and had to fight them in hand to hand combat,” was the laconic response.

“Oh, that’s why you were so late,” replied Rodney with humor in his voice that he honestly didn’t feel. Sheppard was standing beside him now and he really looked like he had been to hell and back. He truly had this ‘big damn hero’ routine working for him.

“Rodney could you please try to fly this Jumper in a straight line to get us as far away of the explosion as possible? Or are you physically incapable of doing so?”

“For the record, they are shooting at us and I’m trying not to get hit.” Rodney would never – even if his life depended on it – admit that he might have a little problem keeping the Jumper in a straight line. But this truly had to be a problem of the ship, not his. Most probably it needed an overhaul by Radek.

“But we are cloaked!”

“And?” Rodney really wasn’t in the mood for their usual banter. The last hour had been too taxing.

In that moment two things happened almost simultaneously. The countdown reached a red zero and Sheppard swore, “Take this, assholes.”

On the screen Rodney could see the warship blowing up in a big blaze. Even after all this time it still felt wrong for him hearing no sound of the explosion. He knew that this was physically correct, but decades of watching Science Fiction movies had taught him differently.

With morbid fascination Rodney followed the resulting energy wave on the screen. It came closer and closer and then it hit the Jumper. Nothing happened. “Huh,” Rodney commented.

“Internal dampers are made of win, aren’t they buddy.” Suddenly John seemed rather relaxed, as if the weight of the world had fallen from his shoulders. Knowing too well that it was more like the weight of the whole fucking galaxy Rodney did the only thing that came to his mind. He grabbed John’s shoulder and squeezed it gently. “Yes they are.”

“John! Rodney! Do you copy?” Elizabeth’s voice filled the little ship. They had kept total communication silence between Atlantis and them during the mission, but after the explosion their leader was free to contact them again.

Sheppard activated the radio. “Yes Elizabeth. Everything went according to plan. We blew them to hell and back.”

Rodney could hear background cheering. The last hour must have been taxing for those on Atlantis too. “Aye lads, I hope you two are both well,” a voice filled with sympathy and a thick Scottish accent came through the com.

“We’re fine,” assured Sheppard.

Rodney rolled his eyes. “Carson, knowing the Colonel’s definition of fine, you better have a gurney ready in the jumper bay. He had some close encounters with the enemy.”

John wanted to protest, but before he could even open his mouth Carson already answered, “Will do, lad.”

“Gentlemen, see you in a few minutes. Weir out.”

Rodney stared at the screen. Instead of a threatening war ship, a decreasing countdown or thousands of other dangerous things it only showed space, blinking stars and the bluish green surface of their new home planet. Atlantis came into sight. The beautiful Ancient city was down there and Rodney couldn’t wait to get back. Over his mental link he asked the Jumper to go into autopilot.

Only then did he realize that it was over. They had won, and they had survived. “Huh!” He almost felt like shaking again. Must be the adrenalin leaving his body. Maybe he should have told Carson to prepare two gurneys.

Suddenly he felt a reassuring body pressed up to him from behind. Familiar arms circled his upper body and a chin nestled on his shoulder. “You did good Rodney.”

Rodney inhaled deeply, trying to draw strength out of the close contact. “Oh god John, when you didn’t answer my calls, I was afraid that I would have to leave without you.”

“Shh, it’s over. You did good. Everything went according to plan.”

Rodney’s hands grabbed John’s and held them as tight as he could. “I’m not sure that I would have done, though. I mean, leaving you behind.”

John started to shake. “God no. Rodney. I would never want you to sacrifice yourself for me. You’re the best thing that ever happened to us. The others need you. Atlantis needs you. And I think I love you. So please don’t take stupid risks.”

The words washed over Rodney, chasing away the stress of the mission, leaving only the love he found since he came to Atlantis. “I won’t if you promise the same.”



With a disoriented groan Rodney came back to his senses. He was lying on the floor of his kitchen and had no recollection how he got there. Something heavy lay on his tights and suddenly Rodney realized that it was one of his dining table chairs.

What happened? The not knowing confused Rodney to no end. Had there been an earthquake? Not that his hometown was a known epicenter. But who knew, seismology might not be a soft science such as anthropology but it was still only barely more than playing with rocks. Rodney clearly suspected that they used divining rods to figure out where the next earthquake would happen.

Rodney shook his head, trying to get his confused thoughts straight. He felt dizzy, almost like after one of his anaphylactic shocks. Panic started, but he kept it at bay. His breathing was steady, maybe a bit on the shaky side, but still he couldn’t feel any of the tell tale signs that his airway was closing off.

With more effort than expected Rodney shoved the chair away and stood up. He glanced around his kitchen. Everything was as it should be, as he remembered it. Then he realized something strange. The microwave oven had stopped. But he had put the dish inside only moments ago. And he remembered setting the clock to 5 minutes. It just had started, how could it be finished already?

Fuck, did he fall and lose consciousness? Did he hit his head? How long had he been lying on the floor? With shaking fingers Rodney grabbed his phone, fully intending to call 911. If he lost minutes, who could tell what happened to his valuable brain in the meantime? Maybe he had had problems with his breathing during his unconsciousness? That would explain why he felt so dizzy. And without proper oxygen he could have lost thousands of brain cells. Mind you he had more to spare than the rest of the population, but still better safe than sorry.

While he dialed the emergency number Rodney anticipated what Jeannie would say about his accident. She would claim that it served him right for living alone. Oh god, not another lengthy speech that he should find someone to cohabitate with. Or to start living with her and Madison. As much as he loved them both, it would drive him mad in five days tops. Three if Madison had friends over. He was a bachelor and he loved the peace and quiet.

Rodney realized that he did not get a line. What the hell…? The emergency number should always work! There were laws to secure that, the telephone companies had to make sure of it! Rodney frowned deeply as he dialed again.

But no success this time either. Rodney’s head felt heavy and a big headache was starting to form. With a sudden fit of dizziness he had to keep himself steady by holding onto the sink and his gaze wandered out of the kitchen window. Strangely enough, there were several spots over the city skyline were he could see smoke. And he could swear that he heard sirens in the distance.

Rodney tried hard to make sense out of everything, while he dialed again. At least this time he got the busy tone. The emergency lines were busy, and there was smoke over the city. Maybe his first thought of an earthquake hadn’t been that wrong.

While he was pondering this strange notion he had a sudden flash in front of his inner eye. He could see the inside of a very weird grayish room, in front of him was a strange city on top of a green ocean and strong arms were holding him. “I think I love you,” said a voice, which Rodney would have sworn he had never heard before. And still he knew this voice with every fiber of his heart. It was John’s.

The sudden sense of loss almost overwhelmed Rodney. He had to grab the sink tighter while his stomach revolted. He’d never felt so sick and lost before.


On October 6th, the whole world blacked out for three minutes and seventeen seconds.
Some people claim they saw the future.
Flash Forward – Part 2
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