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How do you go from either at work or sitting at home alone to either at work or sitting at home with the girlfriend? Like, they've been together for maybe three weeks, and half of that time he was on vacation without her, and I just... Maybe that's just the introvert in me, but dear god, I'd go crazy.

J was in Croatia for ten days with a bunch of friends, all couples, ugh. He got back late Saturday evening, and not half an hour later his gf - whose name I officially don't even know because he's never told me, and I just assume that they are now actually a couple, eh - is at the door. And stays until Sunday evening. (Oh, and not that my brother would take five minutes out of his busy busy schedule to say hi I'm back to my parents or me, nah.) Only to be back Monday afternoon. And stay until night. And has now been back again for at least two hours. Does that woman not have a home or what?!

How the fuck does he always switch between those two extremes? As soon as he has a girlfriend everything else falls by the wayside, and it drives me fucking crazy.

And yes, I also hate that I can't just go down one floor and spend time with my brother, because that stupid woman is always here. Dear god...

Goodbye June

Sep. 15th, 2017 10:28 pm
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When you finally see pictures of the band you've been listening to for days and go huh, somehow I really wasn't expecting that...

Thank you, Spotify.

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Sep. 12th, 2017 12:11 pm
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Brother's on vacation, parents are on vacation, I have the whoooole house all to myself for the next three days.

...so the first thing I did today was hide my extra key down in the basement just in case idiot me manages to lock herself out of her loft again, because that would suck so much without anybody else with a key in the house.

My brother is in Croatia with a bunch of his friends, and I am so green with envy. They have an awesome house with swimming pool and everything else you could want, not to mention beautiful weather. Ugh.

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Sep. 10th, 2017 08:58 pm
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Spotify has been surprisingly good at picking out songs for my daily mix. Well, mostly, more hit than miss though certainly. But god help you when you like that one song of a band, and then Spotify keeps throwing more of their stuff onto the playlist, but each and every one makes you go 'fuck no, dunwanna'. So now what, can I just tell it to not play any more songs by that artist, or does that mean that the one song I actually do like doesn't come up anymore either, even though it's in my favorites? I don't know!

Tumblr is killing me this weekend. TIFF started on Friday - that's the Toronto International Film Festival - and Sebastian Stan is there. Oh my god, I should probably stay out of his tag on Tumblr until that particular storm is over, but I am weak and he is gorgeous.
Anyway, there's a board at TIFF saying Someday I want to... on which the attendees can write - well, that's pretty self-explanatory I guess. Sebastian wrote 'I wanna help somebody'. And I just...

Okay, the thing is I've been in a slump for a while now, but August was bad. My anti-social tendencies kinda kicked into overdrive, and I know it's bad when I don't even want to talk to Dani or Em. Everything was just meh. I don't even know why I started watching the Captain America press tour videos, but I did. And whole con panels, some group panels and one just with Sebastian. And the guy is just... he made me smile so hard and so much my face started to hurt. Just watching him being his dorky, funny, sweet self made me the happiest I'd been for weeks. I love that guy, I really do. *shrugs*
So really, all I wanna do is tell him that he's already helping, a lot. And I know for a fact it's not just me, I've seen a bunch of people saying the same in reaction to this.

And how are you guys doing these days?

ETA: Right after I posted this I found out about this Instagram post. Did I go and actually DM a complete stranger because of this guy? Yes, I did. Huh.

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